We began Terrain not knowing how it would resonate with audiences.

We saw a gap between Spokane’s art establishment and the vital young artists in the area. The two were running in different circles, doing similar work to ensure the cultural vitality of the region, but they weren’t working together. They didn’t even know each other.

The dream was to put young artists and experienced industry professionals in the same room — to connect them and to start a conversation. Terrain would be an art exhibition and a networking function — a debutante ball at a rock concert.

It worked.

The first year was a bigger success than any of us could have reasonably expected. In a single evening, with a tiny budget and a huge hope for the cultural future of Spokane, we introduced more than 1,200 people of all ages to the young, creative undercurrent of our vibrant community.

Then it worked again. And again.

And again.

This organization and the young leaders involved made our hearts sing. Terrain has become the voice of the young artist in Spokane.
— Beth McCaw, Washington Women's Fund

What We've Achieved

What began as a one-time event aimed at fighting the out-migration of our most talented and creative young artists, musicians and innovators has grown to become an organization focused on building community, cultivating a sense of pride in the area, and by modeling the incredible things that are possible here.  

Since its humble beginnings Terrain has become a non-profit that now has three flagship events; Terrain, Bazaar, Uncharted and three flagship programs; Window Dressing, Range, and a permanent Terrain Gallery space as well as running an event space for performing artists.