Current Exhibit

Fusion & Fibrant |

Lou Lou Pink & Margaret Mount 

May 4th - May 26th

Gallery Hours and Fusion Donation Drop Off Hours:                        Thursday - Saturday 5-7 PM

Stitching Events: May 12th, May 19th, May 26th, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Bring your own supplies or use ones offered. FREE

Fusion - A Gift for the White House

The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Performance artist Lou Lou Pink invites you to donate an article of clothing — preferably one you are wearing — which she will use to create a large narrative scroll. You can participate by placing your article of clothing into one of the wooden trunks.

The articles of clothing function as surrogates for the individuals contributing to the developing narrative. The narrative representing the underlying connectedness of humanity, while embracing an exchange of human experience and unity.

Lou Lou’s goal is to travel across the U.S., visiting several other locations along the way, continually adding to the scroll at each destination. Her final stop will be Washington D.C. where, in front of the White House,  she will unroll the scroll — now a massive beautiful visual landscape — as an important reminder of the fusion that exists within us all.


This group show combines the work of five artists: Anna Carpenter, Remelisa Cullitan, May Kytonen, Margaret Mount, and Eva Silverstone as well as the community group Craftivists of the Inland Northwest. Each of the artists are working in their own way to remix fiber traditions in order to explore a variety of concepts including identity, femininity, body, community, and fiber itself in the role of art.

Throughout, there is a stretching of the concept of stitching and fiber arts as “women’s work” in order to push that further into the realm of art and communicate that women’s voices in art are strong and important. While this “push” exists and strives to communicate, there is also the presence of honoring the long tradition of fiber as “women’s work” and the history of the stitches that came before. It is the hope of these artists that we can balance between pushing the art of fiber and acknowledging the work predecessors.

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