Current Exhibit

Home Studies

July 6th - JULY 27th

Gallery Hours:  Thursday - Saturday 5-7 PM

Opening Reception: July 6th, 5-8 PM

July's show features the solo exhibit of Julie Gautier-Downes.

In installations and photographs, Julie Gautier-Downes leads us on a journey through abandoned homes, creating both the visual and emotional experiences of the scenes she constructs. These mediums offer a unique angle of inquiry that feeds her pursuit of connection to absent figures.

Each installation represents a real or imagined trauma or failure and allows Gautier-Downes the ability to engage her audience in a multi-sensory, self-directed experience. These fractured environments become monuments to failed relationships, lifestyles, and dreams. In her work, she continues to question the seemingly inherent physical stability of a house and the different ways that houses decay over time.

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