SNAPSHOT | July 7-September 30

A Look at Spokane Right Now

A place, like an image, is a composition of elements connected in time and space.  These elements can look drastically different spending on your angle of view, and of course, things change over time. 

From almost any angle, Spokane is changing incredibly quickly.

Our hope with Snapshot is to capture this moment in the life of our city from many perspectives, so that we can see as comprehensively as possible the way Spokane looks to its people.

We want to celebrate the Spokane we see emerging — the tremendous growth, the pride, the enthusiasm — but we also want to challenge ourselves as a community to ensure this change makes Spokane a more hopeful place for everyone.

To that end, we have asked local professional photographers from all walks of life to shoot the Spokane they see every day.  We are also giving cameras to various group whose perspective is not often captured, and curating a number of other directed exercises.  We're encouraging the entire community to contribute to the project. 

Just use the hashtag #snapshotspokane.

We will continue to add new images from social media through the exhibition. Keep checking out for ongoing events and new opportunities to contribute.

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