Spokane Symphony and Terrain Present

April 14th & 15th, 2017

An entirely new way of experiencing Vivaldi's classic. Uncharted has gained national recognition as an innovative, one-of-a-kind collaboration, mashing up some of our most inspiring local artists with Symphony musicians.

This year's show featured original work from: Windoe aka (Karli Ann Ingersoll), Lavoy MusicJenny Anne MannanDarrien MackShawn VestalElissa BallMark AndersonJohn HernandezBrooke KienerMackenzie FagrasLou Lou Pink, Concertmaster Mateusz Wolski and the Spokane Symphony.

Sound Design by Tobias Hendrickson
Stage Production by Charlie Pepiton

Poster design by the incredible


PHOTOS FROM Uncharted 2017

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What would happen if we paired the symphony with emerging artists?

Art Meets Music

Eckart Preu, musical director for the Spokane Symphony and Luke Baumgarten, co-founder of Terrain got to thinking about the symphony and the amazing musical and theatrical talent in Spokane, and wondering what would happen if they were put together in the same room, for one night, and asked to perform.

Uncharted is the unlikely love child of the Spokane Symphony and local bands, writers, dancers, and artists. It's like nothing you've experienced before. And, yes, its that good.

Check out this video from the first Uncharted performance in 2014:

Call it old school meets new school.
— Carolyn Lamberson, Spokesman Review