TEN YEARS OF TERRAIN | Feb 9th-March 24th


Remember Cabby Barnard’s and Tiffany Kendrick’s balloon room from Terrain 4? How about Alan Chatham’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure pay phone from Terrain 7? Or Terrain’s youngest artist ever, 8-year-old Olive Pete’s series from Terrain 8? What about Divine Jewels' Scapeskin performance from Terrain 5? Or Chase Halland’s debut of his now nationally renown bucks from Terrain 6? 

In honor of Terrain's 10th Anniversary, we’ve put together a gallery show looking back at noteworthy pieces/performance from past Terrain events. 

Representing at least one piece from every year and featuring the work of 33 different artists, join us as we replay some of the most memorable moments of the past decade.

This show will run from February 9th to March 24th. The gallery is open Thursday through Saturday, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This is a FREE show.

SNAPSHOT | July 7-September 30 2017

A Look at Spokane Right Now


A place, like an image, is a composition of elements connected in time and space.  These elements can look drastically different spending on your angle of view, and of course, things change over time. 

From almost any angle, Spokane is changing incredibly quickly.

Our hope with Snapshot was to capture this moment in the life of our city from many perspectives, so that we can see as comprehensively as possible the way Spokane looks to its people.

We wanted to celebrate the Spokane we saw emerging — the tremendous growth, the pride, the enthusiasm — but we also wanted to challenge ourselves as a community to ensure this change makes Spokane a more hopeful place for everyone.

To that end, we asked local professional photographers from all walks of life to shoot the Spokane they see every day.  With the help of a Sponsorship from the Smith Barbieri Progressive Fund we were able to give away 15 digital cameras to Crosswalk of Spokane and to Global Neighborhood to add to the perspectives of how we see Spokane.  We also encouraged the entire community to contribute to the project by using the hashtag #snapshotspokane to be featured on our community wall. 

We are hoping to revisit this exhibit again the future so keep using the hashtag #snapshotspokane and you might end up in our gallery.

Framed photos by Young Kwak, Rajah Bose, Robert Lloyd, Grace Lindsey, Kristen Black & Laree Weaver, community wall photos by you.

Heather Hart

Screenshot 2017-05-12 16.59.21.png

Art and Social Practice

Heather Hart, an interdisciplinary artist from Brooklyn, NY will be featured in the Terrain Gallerywill participate in a number of community events from February 21 to 24 that showcase her talent of combining art with social practice. She is interested in creating site-specific liminal spaces for personal reclamation. Her work questions dominant cultural narratives and offers alternatives to them. New stories are created through Hart’s thoughtful proposed interactions, these experiences are a starting place for rebuilding history – a renewed platform to reshape or strengthen cultural identity. Her work makes use of large immersive sculptures that invite a very physical level of interactivity or can provide a more intimate experience with secluded spaces and participatory drawings. For her, this interactivity is key to the message of transition and change that is embedded within her art.  


Hey. You. How’ve you been feeling the last couple of days? Despondent? Emboldened? Terrified? Relieved?

Terrain wants to hear from you. All of you. We’d love for you to create something that reflects these emotions. It can be a poem. A drawing. A song. A letter. Collage. Dance. Sculpture. Anything and everything is welcome. Each person gets a 1’x1’ space. Open to everyone.

Thanks to Rally Spokane for giving the people of Spokane a safe place to express their feelings in this uncertain world of ours!
— Lulu Ludlum