Current Exhibit

Signs of Feeling - KATHARINE SPILKER

July 5th - July 27th, 2019

First Friday 5 PM - 8 PM

Thursday - saturday, 6 pm - 8 pm

July’s gallery show is a solo exhibit of Katharine Spilker.

Signs of Feeling is a gathering of the artist’s recent work that explores the relationships that occur among different materials, the forms they take, and the emotional resonances that these new bodies can imbue. Katharine’s sculptures attempt to hold up and navigate the contentions found in human feeling—our desire for connection, as well as the forces both within us and outside of us that complicate that desire. She is interested in exploring this “in-between” space in physical form in order to better understand how relating these polarities can signal to the emergence of new ways of being. Within her practice she uses natural and found materials that are mutable in nature and can visually inform this duality, something hovering between fragility and density. Form is intuitively built by combining materials and observing the way they react and influence one another, until an undoing approaches. Reaching this point of balance between surviving and unraveling is where we learn to let go.
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Upcoming Exhibit

August 2nd - August 31st

Worrisome: Short Stories by James Gouldthorpe

Worrisome: Short Stories, an exhibition of new work by Bay Area artist James Gouldthorpe. Operating at the intersection of literature and visual art, Worrisome is an immersive installation of narrative paintings. Inspired by old photos, vintage magazines, and film, Gouldthorpe tells stories through his carefully edited collection of original works on paper. Viewers are invited to make connections within the densely pinned and layered drawings, following narratives that are rich in character and setting.

Worrisome: Short Stories features narratives that invoke a rural noir. With titles like The Night Susan Krueger Disappeared, Busted Knuckles, and Breakfast at Wildwood Trailer Park, these visual tales have a cinematic quality in their comprehensive vision, suspenseful mini-dramas, and tightly executed moments. Gouldthorpe creates immersive graphic novels through a process he describes as “writing a painting.” The exhibition includes a wall of “edits” which feature characters and scenes that were cut from the short stories’ primary narratives.

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